When it comes to the Yankees new first baseman Anthony Rizzo, it’s hard to come up with any negatives.

The man has been lights out in his first six games, hitting homers in the first two and becoming the first player in the franchise’s history to get an…

It has become almost a ritual. A baseball player is suspended for domestic violence; he passes his time away from the game in counseling and perhaps with some community service, then returns to the team when his suspension is up. Broadcasters remark about his return, frequently noting how important he…

Dear Commissioner Manfred,

Did you notice the television audience for the soccer League Championship Sunday night? Almost 400 million viewers in countries around the world.

(The Super Bowl, by comparison, got only about one-quarter as many — 100 million.) The whole world watched the League finals. …

Don and Petie Kladstrup

American writers living in France, working on forthcoming book, “Almost Home: Playing Baseball in France.” Authors, “Wine & War,” and “Champagne.”

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